The White Wolf Saga

A Fantasy Fiction Series of Love, Kinship, War, & Everything In Between.



Christine Barker lives on the outskirts of rural Ohio with her husband and two children. Her inspiration for writing stems from her love of novels she read growing up. When not writing, she is enjoying the outdoors with her family and friends.

Her debut supernatural book series, The white wolf saga, pens the fantasy tale of Nagules, the human wolf-shifters, and hunters, humans who want to eradicate Nagules from the surface of Earth. Book one of The White Wolf Saga: The forgotten by Christine Barker is released. You can buy your copy from here.


Kings, Queens, & Kingdoms, the Nagule Wolves led a prosperous life until one unfateful day, it all came crashing down, leaving the human wolf-shifters on the brink of extinction. Nagules are at war with Hunters, humans who want total domination of their kind.

A looming threat of Hunters awaits them, and it is up to one queen to fight and lead her people to survival. Book One of The Forgotten: The White Wolf Saga begins the fantastical tale of love, war, betrayal, and survival.

Eyeing for the Best Fantasy Novels?

Do you love to read fantasy novels? You are in for a treat. Christine Barker has published her first novel, The White Wolf Saga: The Forgotten. It is one of the many best fantasy novels by the author that are yet to be published. These fantasy books about werewolves follow the journey of Maya, the pure-born Nagule and the rightful queen, as she undertakes the responsibility for her people, who are on the brink of extinction at the hands of Hunters. If you are up for a fantastic werewolf book, we’ll definitely suggest The White Wolf Saga: The Forgotten. 


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